What does the Funeral Service include?

You don't pay for this Complete Funeral Service, it is offered to you and your family as part of the benefit of being a member of the Vuyo's Dignity Funeral Scheme.

  • Funeral Service Includes
  • A fully trimmed coffin
  • Free mortuary
  • Hearse
  • Family car
  • Bus
  • Cemetery arrangements and decorations
  • A Tent
  • 40 chairs
  • 2 tables
  • Toilets
  • Vegetables and / grocery

Four Payment Options

  • Monthly debit order ...member has to have an active bank account and make sure that sufficient funds are available each month the debit order runs.

  • ATM payments...member can also pay at FNB ATM….This a cheaper option and convenient instead of queuing inside or member can make use of ATM transfers.

  • Walk in payment ...Member walks in the office to make his or her monthly premiums on or before the seventh of each month. .

  • Cutesy collection ...here the client calls the office and we will come to collect premiums at your house. Usually this option is used by pensioners and members that come late from work but there is someone at home they can leave the premium with and or member can't make it to the office.

What to do when you have a funeral?

  • Call Vuyo's Funerals on: 011 936 8421 or 083 318 3753 all 24hrs
  • Prepare all necessary claim documents, e.g. ID of the policy holder and the deceased ID.
  • Vuyo's Funerals will assist you in completing and getting all other documents, e.g. BI-1663, doctor's report, death certificate, etc.

Choose the type of benefit you want for you and your family:

  • Members that can be covered
  • Main member
  • Spouse
  • Children up to 21 years or 26 years if still in school.
  • Extra Family members, i.e. parents, in-laws, uncles,     aunts, brothers, or sisters.
  • Entry Age for all members
  • 18 and - 90 years for all members
  • Waiting Period
  • Six months waiting period for death due to natural     causes for all members
  • Extra Family members
  • Extra family members receive same funeral benefits     as the main member and spouse.
  • Members that are 65 and above
  • Special rates for Members that are 65 years and     above are available on all the plans.