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Pride Rewards

We have made life a little easier for you.

We offer PRIDE rewards for all our members, making sure that you enjoy the benefits of your funeral policy while you are still alive

Monthly Discounts!

Vuyo’s Funerals PRIDE Rewards, are part of all our funeral policies and offer our members monthly discounts on groceries, shopping and travel worth over R1250 every month.

Great Savings!

Our members enjoy great savings over R200 on groceries at Shoprite or Checkers, a 10% discount on gift card vouchers to use at Edgars and Jet. A debit order option is also available.

Through PRIDE rewards, our members can travel in style,  with Greyhound or Citiliner, getting a 20% discount and 15% discount when traveling with Citiliner. These rewards have revolutionised the traditional concept of funeral cover by enabling members to make an investment in funeral policies part of their lifestyle.

We give our members PRIDE Professionalism

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